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Mywp Debug Panel Extensions

Mywp Debug Panel Extensions


You can extend the Debug panel of My WP.


How to extend Debug panel

First of all

Please activate or show debug panel for you. Debug panel show after setting your user id.

Debug setting on My WP > Debug menu of admin panel.

Enter the Debug User ID

The debug panel is shown at the bottom of the page after setting.


Add Debug Panel Tab

mywp_debug_types is a filter applied to the tab shown on the debug panel.

add_filter( "mywp_debug_types" , "example_mywp_debug_types" );

function example_mywp_debug_types( $debug_types ) {

  // Debug Tab ID = Debug Tab Label
  $debug_types["example"] = __( "Example" );

  return $debug_types;


Ok and you can added the custom debug panel tab and next, let's add the debug contents.

Added the Example debug tab



Add Debug Panel Content

mywp_debug_renders is a filter applied to the content shown on the debug panel.

$debug_renders the following properties.

  • debug_type If omitted, it is added to custom tab.
  • title
add_filter( "mywp_debug_renders" , "example_mywp_debug_renders_1" );

function example_mywp_debug_renders_1( $debug_renders ) {

  $debug_renders[" debug_renders_id "] = array(
    "debug_type" => " debug_tab_id ",
    "title" => " debug_content_title ",

  // $debug_renders key is unique
  $debug_renders["example_1"] = array(
    "debug_type" => "example", // Debug Tab ID
    "title" => __( "Example 1" ), // Debug Content Title

  return $debug_renders;


add_filter( "mywp_debug_renders" , "example_mywp_debug_renders_2" );

function example_mywp_debug_renders_2( $debug_renders ) {

  // $debug_renders key is unique
  $debug_renders["example_2"] = array(
    "debug_type" => "example", // Debug Tab ID
    "title" => __( "Example 2" ), // Debug Content Title

  return $debug_renders;

Example Debug Panel Content Title


Then, mywp_debug_render_"debug_renders_id" is the print content on the debug panel.

add_action( "mywp_debug_render_example_1" , "example_mywp_debug_render_example_1" );

function example_mywp_debug_render_example_1() {

  echo "This content is Example 1";


add_action( "mywp_debug_render_example_2" , "example_mywp_debug_render_example_2" );

function example_mywp_debug_render_example_2() {

  echo "This content is Example 2";

Example Debug Panel Content



Download the example

You can use the example download file and activate the plugin after add plugin of admin plugins panel.

Git Hub:

  1. Download and Unzip the ZIP file.
  2. Upload the mywp-extend-debug-panel-example dir in mywp-extend-debug-panel-example--master to your WordPress plugins dir.
  3. Activate the My WP Debug Panel Extends Example.

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