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Admin Posts

Admin Posts


How to customize admin posts screen per post.



You can customize to columns for Posts list screen. This can be Drag&Drop column items to edit and reorder columns.

Columns customize of Posts

For do not have the columns

If do not have the columns, My WP is need register columns of Posts, so please refresh the columns.


Columns width deviation

For example to added the Excerpt column, this width is 100% because WordPress default.

Deviation Width Columns


But you can change the width of columns(for example to auto). 🙂

Adjust Width Columns


Bulk Updated Messages

This features is change the message for bulk update.

Bulk Update Messages of Admin Posts



This features is hide specify items, change the number of posts for posts list.

Other Features of Admin Posts


Automatic output of column contents

This features is can choose to output the content of the list items. e.g.) ID, Slug, Parent...etc.

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